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Buy sell used jewelry and household items for quick cash, selling gold or silver to pawn shops and hard money lenders near you.

Can anyone apply for a bad credit loan?

Basically, yes! as long as the customer has some sort of an item that could be used as a collateral. The main idea of a secured loan or a bad credit loan is that the customer uses a valuable item as collateral to achieve the loan. Pawn stores are considered to be the savior of the troubled. In other words, if a person runs into a financial crisis and has a quick need of cash, pawn shops are the best places to go. With a pawn shop, a person has to bring valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, tools, gold, silver, coins and such to get a quick loan or fast cash. When a person brings in an item they would like to collateral or sell, the pawn broker will evaluate the current situation of the item and provide an appraisal for the item. This value is usually determined by finding out the average price of the item in the market at the moment and based on what the pawn broker could offer.

Should you pawn your item or sell it?

Hitting an unforeseen financial crisis is something that happens to all of us at least once a lifetime. If you’re in need of quick cash to cover unexpected emergencies, a pawn shop is a great place to get the money you need. The first and foremost idea what comes to a persons mind is to sell something they own so as to get the money they require. But at a pawn shop, you have an option of getting a collateral loan on item like gold, diamond, jewelry, expensive electronics, or anything that is basically resalable. Millions of people walk into pawn shops on daily basis, and they all wonder the same thing, whether they should sell or pawn their item. When you sell an item, you lose it for good, but pawning allows you to retain its possession.


If you have never even heard about a pawn shop before, you might want to understand the difference between pawning and selling first. When you pawn an item, you are basically using it as collateral to secure a loan. After you get appraised for the value of your item, the pawnbroker will work with you and determine the loan amount. Once you get your loan, you leave the item with pawnbroker until you come back to repay the loan.

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